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Are you looking for Brake repair Ebbw Vale for your vehicle?

Ignoring the signs of brake malfunctioning can lead to severe safety-related issues. A well-functioning brake is crucial for your on-road safety. Hence, routine brake repair from a professional facility is essential. Are you looking for services of brake repair Ebbw Vale? Look no further than Tyre Planet Ltd for a reliable solution.

You can reach our facility at 61A Bailey Street, Ebbw Vale, NP23 4HB, for a brake repair and replacement service at an affordable price. Our team uses advanced tools and techniques to conduct efficient brake pad replacement Ebbw Vale.

How to detect a faulty brake system?

Generally, car brakes function optimally till 25,000 to 60,000 miles. However, technical faults, regular usage or other factors can reduce the efficiency of the brakes much sooner. Mentioned below are some of the signs of a faulty brake system:

Juddering brake pedal

Do you feel a vibration on the brake pedal while applying the brake?

A faulty rotor is responsible for such vibrations. Rotors get warped due to constant rubbing against metals and cause odd juddering when you apply the brake. However, if not taken care of on time, it can compromise your safety and bring hefty repair bills. So, consider reaching us upon noticing any such symptoms while driving.

Leaking brake fluid

A defective master cylinder leads to fluid leakage resulting in brake malfunctioning. Therefore, opt for a brake inspection immediately when you notice leaking fluid.

Screeching and grinding noises

Worn-out brake pads often cause metallic noises while driving the car. Hence, reach us for a brake shoe and pad inspection upon hearing such grinding noises.

Car takes longer to stop

Is your vehicle taking unusually long to halt after you apply the brakes? It is one of the most significant signs indicating damage to the braking system.

Spongy brake pedal

If the master cylinder fails to function right, the brake pedal can get soft and spongy. It can also be due to low brake fluid levels and requires immediate professional attention. Come to us and let our experts resolve the issue.

What are the brake components we check?

When you visit us for a brake pad replacement Ebbw Vale, we inspect the following brake components thoroughly and replace the faulty ones with OE-grade spares:

  • Pedal
  • Master cylinder
  • Callipers
  • Disc rotor
  • Piston
  • Disc plate
  • Brake Fluid, etc.

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