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We house tyre models from world-renowned brands like Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop and more.

You can find a tyre of the perfect fit for your vehicle by entering your vehicle registration number in our website’s car tyre finder tool. Then, depending on your budget and driving requirements, you can choose a model. We will also reach your location and fit the new tyres on your car if you opt for our mobile tyre-fitting service.

The top tyre variants we offer are:


These tyres are made of hard rubber compounds to help maintain structural integrity during summer. They have a unique tread pattern with shallow tread depth for improved steering performance and stability and unique sipes that resist hydroplaning.

In addition, they offer lower rolling resistance making these tyres excellent for fuel efficiency.


Winter tyres use soft rubber compounds that prevent them from becoming stiff when the temperatures are below 7 degrees Celsius. Their wide grooves, deeper treads and sipes enable them to provide excellent traction on snow and ice.


All-season tyres are your best choice when you want to avoid seasonal tyre replacement costs. Their unique rubber compounds enable them to perform in various weather conditions in areas with moderate climates.


These tyres help unlock the full potential of your high-performance vehicle. They have a wide apex that is stiff, thus enhancing cornering precision and a low profile height for improved lateral stability. Their nylon overlays resist heat build-up and prevent punctures while driving at high speeds.

Therefore, checking out this segment of car tyres Ebbw Vale is a must if you have a sports car.


4X4 tyres have a durable build and reinforced sidewalls that enable them to carry the heavy load of SUV vehicles and resist blowouts while driving in off-road conditions. These features also make them highly resistant to wear and tear and thus have a higher tyre life. They mainly come in three variants – All-terrain, Mud-terrain and Highway-terrain.


Run-flat tyres have a unique technology that helps you travel for a certain distance at a specific speed, even after a blowout. They have unique properties that enable them to bear the load of the car and its occupants after a flat tyre.

Note- We also stock 100% safe and reliable part-worn and remould tyres for customers on a budget.

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