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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment Ebbw Vale for your vehicle?

Are you noticing uneven and rapid wear on your car tyres?

Then, there may be an alignment issue with the wheels. Please visit Tyre Planet Ltd. for prompt solutions at affordable prices. We are at 61A Bailey St, Brynmawr, Ebbw Vale NP23 4HB.

How do we conduct our service?

Our team firstly places your car on an advanced aligner machine when you visit us for a wheel alignment Ebbw Vale service. It has advanced sensors and cameras that detect even minute discrepancies in the wheel alignment. They check the following angles:


It refers to the angle between the wheels and the longitudinal axis when viewed from above. If we notice an inward tilt, we call it toe-in, and if there is an outward tilt, we call it toe-out.


The caster angle is the alignment between the vehicle's steering axis and the wheels' vertical axis. If the steering axis tilts towards the driver, we call it a positive caster. Inversely, if the steering axis tilts towards the windshield, we call it a negative caster.


It refers to the angle between your car’s vertical axis and its wheels. If the tilt is inward, we call it a negative camber, while an outward tilt is a positive camber.

After checking all the angles, our teams take note of the alignment discrepancies and realign them per the manufacturer-recommended settings.

Leading causes of a faulty wheel alignment

Here are the prime reasons for wheel alignment issues:

Driving on unpaved roads

Driving on roads with bumps and potholes for a prolonged period can lead to alignment issues.

Riding an old vehicle

As your car ages, it is natural for its components to suffer from wear and tear. Wheel alignment issues are common when there is any problem with the suspension components.

When do you need to visit us?

Consider visiting us to get the service of car wheel alignment Ebbw Vale when you notice the following signs:

  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Decreased braking performance
  • Screeching sounds while taking turns
  • Compromised cornering precision
  • Juddering steering wheel
  • Vehicle drifting to one side while driving straight

A prompt wheel alignment Ebbw Vale at our facility will fix all these issues. Furthermore, it will ensure your driving safety and help you avoid hefty repair bills down the line.

Please call 01495 315468 to end your search for ‘wheel alignment near me’ or for further information on our services.

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